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Build your strong modern-day Consent Management Platform, CMP. All it takes is to be VIAble to make it happen! Sign up today and generate your code in just minutes.

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Start Managing your customers data with the best consent platform today.

Done right, a Consent Management Platform, CMP can be one of your best allies as you work to create more lasting and useful relationships with your customers, but it’s also one of the trickiest to pull off. Let us help you be the best!


Data Compliancy... Are you compliant?

CASL - Government of Canada’s Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, or PIPEDA - Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act... We help you navigate these new GDPR - General Data Protect Regulations and how your business is affected. And that is just in Canada. If you do business across the boarder or across the pond you now have to know what laws your business must abide by.

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Know your audience, cause we are your audience.

When a dashboard is done right... people ask why or how they ever lived without it before. Our Consent Management Platform, CMP dashboard has the power to give you the tools to segment your customers data. Find out their marketing preferences, ask questions to your customers and find out in real time what those answers are. Not to mention your customers will have the same response. How did we build such a great dashboard? It comes down to 3 things: planning, design and a thoughtful quick eye to know what you want to see right away.

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You think you know your clients...

Clients love your business or product you think. But what can you improve upon? Well why not ask?

Capture more than just their consent!

Fully responsive template


Easy to install and configure. Our CMP dashboard is clean, easy to use and highly customizable for your company and clients to capture their consent preferences.

Easy setup

Collect only the data you plan to use

The time has come to become compliant for not only your company but for your clients. All need to pay attention and think about what compliance looks like for their companies and our profiles.

Up to Date Design

Data Access Rights

Today it is not your data you collect. It is the users data and preferences you collect. A centrally maintained CMP for users to access data per CASL and other privacy requirements.

We help you integrate easily with the all data collection centres you already use.

Wordpress, Mail Chimp & Constant Contact is just a few platforms we can connect too and make sure all of your customer's data permissions are consistent and compliant with all your platforms. Thru our API we connect to your applications thru their API's which seemlessly interact and combine your customers data. There is no duplications to worry about or information overwritten.

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Just the right amount of information

Our customized platform enables your employees only receive the data they need to view; IT Teams, Marketing Teams, Compliance Teams or Even Senior Management get to see the data they need to make informed decisions for your company. Plus your customers are able to edit and select what you are able to send them and how.

Minimal design

Advanced features

We do not limit what you can ask or do with our platform.

Simple & Powerful

Simple & Powerful

Simple to use, but allows to make a powerful preference centre.


Customizable Dashboard

Easy to customize - adapts for everyone needs.

Powerful Integrations

Powerful Integrations

Allows to integration directly into your website and databases thru our powerful API.

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Pricing Plans

Email Based

Beginner Subscription


Includes our email based linked logins

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Secure Login

Advanced Subscription


Includes our secure login for your clients

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Agency Pricing

Expert Subscription


Agency subscription includes dashboard to monitor clients

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For a white listing or licensed dashboard please contact us for pricing!

Your Essential Consent Management Platform Data Tool

Understanding your customers and markets is the first step in the marketing process. Do not let your competition get ahead because of trust.


Below you can find most asked questions. For the full list of FAQ questions and answers to the Consent Management Platform.

Why VIAble is essential for "MY" company?

Because VIAble allows you to create a powerful cmp, which will adjust to each of your clients. The customization of the Consent Management Platform is wide ranging and provides features that are powerful and easy to install. Reach out today for a demo!

Will I get support?

In case you run into any type of problems, we will be here to help you out. Just drop us an e-mail and we'll make sure that we resolve everything! Not only that we will provide assistance if needed to place the consent management platform dashboard on your website as part of our commitment.

Are updates planned for the Viable - Consent Management Platform?

Yes! We are constantly trying to make your experience and your clients experience memorable and seemless. We will update you when these updates happen.

What type of code is this?

VIAble uses latest and greatest coding languages! You can check it out yourself - it's simple, clean and powerful.

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Contact Us

Have any other questions regarding the Consent Management Platform? Reach out we are always around to answer your questions.

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